Walking regularly and staying healthy and alive

Regular physical activity including walking is an essential part to maintain good and sound health. Physical inactivity tends to increase the risk of non-communicable diseases and affect general health. An estimate indicates that physical inactivity is the main cause for approximately 21-25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes, and 30% of ischemic heart disease.  The estimate also shows that the physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality and causes 6% of all deaths.  The risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and breast and colon cancers can be reduced by regular physical activity.  The regular physical activity vis-à-vis walking thus can keep you healthy and save your life. Expert opinion suggests that adults should do at least 150 minutes per week of physical activity of moderate intensity such as walking, cycling, or sports. 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity activity per day for children and adolescents are suggested as well.

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Tips to reduce back pain and stabilize your health

What is backache?

According to Specialists, bad habits or wrong habits appear to be the main causes of back pain or backache in over 90% cases. In most cases, the additional and unequal pressure on backbone gives rise to backache.

Tips to avoid backache

Specialists have suggested a few tips to reduce back pain or  backache as follows:

Sleep on hard and flat bed. Avoid sleeping on foam-bed and sofa.

Do not bend to lift anything from the floor.  Sit on the floor first and then lift anything straight upward.

Keep neck and back straight when seated on the chair.

Do not keep standing or seating for a long time.

Do not keep bending when working.

Do not carry heavy materials like heavy sacks, pitchers or water buckets, etc.

Do not cut fish, vegetables or the like seating on the floor or small stool, etc. This jobs can be done while standing or by using table.

Keep the backbone straight when climbing or stepping down the stairs slowly and slowly.

Avoid using high heel shoes.

Lose weight.

Bend sideway when rising up from sleep.


Backache or back pain is a health problem which makes the life very difficult and uncomfortable. This problem may become unbearing as well as life threatening overtime. Suitable and relevant physicians must be consulted in order to manage this kind of backache or back pain.

Hook worms and children –some misconceptions?

The are many misconceptions about hookworms and children as follows:

Better to remain some hook worms in abdomen?

Many common people believe that it is better to remain some hookworms in the abdomen of children. They believe that the digestion of food will be hampered If there is no hookworm in the abdomen. What is the real position? Hookworm is the enemy for our body. Hookworm sucks nutrition-blood from the body.

Many attractive qualities of zinger promoting and refreshing human health

The qualities of zinger and its usefulness are praiseworthy and remarkable across the globe. The use of zinger for the treatment of stomach disorder has been widely recognized from the ancient time. In the modern world also, physicians have spoken highly about the qualities of zinger in the medical fields.

Nutrient contents of zinger

Zinger contains a chemical element which helps to open up the closed respiratory tunnels, clean up the sinuses and aids in respiratory systems. It eases the asthmatic condition. Zinger contains another element which acts on brain systems and helps to reduce vomiting or feeling of vomiting.

Various other functions of zinger

The ginger juice is considered to be an excellent weapon to reduce motion sickness during night time as well as morning sickness of pregnant women. Ginger juice helps to reduce abdominal pain and gastric problem and also helps to increase appetite. Ginger helps to improve the metabolism and absorption capacity of different nutrients in the stomach. The anti-inflammatory qualities of ginger has been found to be useful for people suffering from pain and arthritis. Research findings indicated the excellent qualities of ginger in controlling pain. Zinger can provide comfort to the patients who are suffering from migraine complications. The ginger juice helps to form a kind of useful mucus membrane in the stomach.


We could learn about many amazing qualities of ginger from the above discussions. The various qualities of zinger suggest that the people can make it a habit and a practice to use ginger and juice of zinger as a food item to keep them free from various health problems and to promote e their health safety and comfort accordingly.

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Tips for managing sore throat and stabilizing health and comfort.

What is sore throat?

The aggregate affects of excessive heat, excessive sweating, drinking of too cold water, taking showers again and again with cold water may lead to develop heavy cold situation your body suddenly. These results in sore-throat cough and fever. Respiratory track is attacked with burning sensation. Sometimes, this condition leads to inflation of tonsil or other related organs. In many cases, vocal cords are also affected leading to sore throat and distorted sound
Specialists have suggested a few tips for managing the sore throat as follows:

Gargle with worm water

Worm water mixed with salt helps to reduce pain and burning sensation. Gargling 2-3 times a day with worm water mixed with proportionate amount of salt can give excellent result in this situation of sore throat.

Enough liquid food

Sneezing, coughing and similar factors may cause dehydration of the body. This condition suggests to take adequate quantity of liquid food and water. The use of cold water should be avoided in anyway. The worm and steaming soup is gives excellent result in this case.

Lozenge to reduce burning sensation

Some categories of lozenge containing menthol, eucalyptus, phenol, etc. have the ability to reduce the burning or pain . These lozenge bring a comfortable feeling to the affected throat.

Some cups of tea

Tea for 2-3 times a day can bring comfort for this sore throat problem. Green tea is very suitable in this case. Tea will more effective if lemon juice, etc., are added to it.

Rest and recreation

Rest and recreation is a necessary condition for this problem of sore throat in order to recover from this problem quickly. Speaking should be stopped or minimized in case the voice is distorted.

Treatment of sore throat

Paracetamol or similar medicines are recommended by physicians mainly for this type of complications. Antibiotic may be necessary in some cases as well. The relevant and suitable physicians must be consulted in right time, as necessary.


The above discussion gives an indicative picture of sore throat and its management. This also suggests that suitable and appropriate steps must be taken for treatment of sore throat and  to manage sore throat in order to stabilize and secure health and comfort.

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Medicines can increases the risk for your health-do you believe it?

There is a general tendency among many individuals to take medicines without any consultation with physicians. The whimsical intake of medicine is very risky and causes manifold complications.

Use of Painkiller?

Paracetamol is well known to most people as a pain killers. This medicine is used whimsically and abruptly in cold and fever and headache or any pain condition. There is normally no side effects are found in it. But excessive doses of paracetamol can cause dysfunction of livers. This paracetamol can be seriously threatening to the people who are suffering from any kidney diseases. Many other pain killers are taken by the people. The people who are suffering from arthritis are found to continue with the pain killers which are very risky for health. Pain killer may cause stomach ulcer associated with bleeding as well. The pain killer is considered as a major factor for kidney worldwide