Tea has multiple Characteristic Features impacting human health

Tea has become a popular and attractive drink around the globe.  The various characteristic features of tea and the properties of tea are described below. It is expected that the information contained in this post will be useful and interesting especially for the people who love to drink tea.

1. Use of milk in tea: Use of milk in tea does not affect the positive anti-oxidant actions of tea in the body function of human being. Various research findings indicate that milk when added to tea (up to 25%) does not have any impact on the influence of anti-oxidant contents present in the body but their impact is delayed.  The addition of milk to tea does not impact on the absorption of antioxidants but it increases the calorie content of tea as a result it can affect the tooth health.

2.    5 cup of tea a day: This is a concern for many people. An analysis indicated that taking 3 or more cup of tea a day is useful for heart function. After all, up to 8 cup of tea fall under the “limit of caffeine” taking.

3.    Less Caffeine in tea: There is a concern that caffeine in tea is harmful for health. The caffeine content of tea is about half of that of coffee. For example: every 200 ml of black tea contains about 50 mg of caffeine. This proportion is found less in green tea .The amount of caffeine in 1-8 cup of tea is safe for body. Research findings suggest that taking of 38-400 mg of caffeine every day is useful for mental refreshment, brain work as well as for increasing body tolerance and responsiveness.

4.    Impact of Tea on personal mood: It is found to be a fact that the mood of mind gets refreshed and responsive after taking tea. Researchers suggest that the thiamin (amino acid) content of tea brings refreshment for mind.

5.    Green tea versus black tea: Both green tea and black tea are coming from same plant origin and are useful for health. The flevnoid levels of both the categories are same but the properties appear to be different. Researches indicate that green tea helps to reduce weight and prevent cancer whereas black tea improves cardiovascular and mental health.

6.    Tea versus drinking water: The drinking of tea should have an importance in terms of fulfilling the demand of  drinking of  water a day..Clinical studies suggest that 4 cups of tea daily can fulfill the same level of demand of drinking water per day.

7.    Tea and children: Children can drink tea. The sugar free tea is a health friendly drink that can be given to children without any hesitation. Canadian specialists suggest that the children of age group 4-6 can take 45 mg caffeine per day; similarly the children of age group 7-9 can take 62.5 mg. children of age group 10-12 can take 85 mg. of caffeine per day. That means a child can drink at least a cup of tea daily comfortably.

8.Tea and heart attack: Tea and heart attack is fairly associated. Studies found that the risk of heart attack and stroke is lowered for those who take two to three cups of black tea daily as compared to those who do not take tea at all.

9. Tea fights cancer: Studies indicate protective effect of antioxidant contents of tea against cancer. This specific property of tea has made the drinking of tea popular as well as attractive to the people who love to drink tea.

10   Tea improves body immune system: Researches indicate that the body immune systems get improved when taken 5 cups of tea daily.

11    Tea improves tooth health: The tea without sugar stabilizes the tooth health through its fluoride content.

12   . Tea is free from calorie: Tea is a black tea,  if no sugar or milk is added to it.  Good news for those who are diabetic.

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