What is sudden Tension and Stiffness in feet giving rise to serious physical discomfort?

What are the causes of tension   or stiffness in feet? The various causes for stiffness or tension in feet include excessive use of muscles; seating or lying for a longer period of time inappropriately; dehydration or loss of salt; pregnancy or cold weather. This also happens due to intake of certain medicines like diuretic, anti-psychotic, birth control pill; and thyroid and kidney problems; or declining level of blood circulation. This situation of tension in feet continues for a few seconds or a few minutes and there is painful contraction of muscles during this period. In case of such tension or stiffness of feet, it is advised by physicians to apply hot press beneath the muscle; to message the muscle or to stress the feet; or walk for a while. It is advised by physicians to drink adequate quantity of water, to avoid coffee or alcohol before going to bed, to do stressful activities daily (like jogging, cycling), to eat calcium, magnesium and potassium rich food as found appropriate and suitable.

Nevertheless, the physicians should be consulted in case of very frequent or further deterioration of the problem of tension in feet  or feet stiffness.

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