Green mango can give you many health solutions.

Green mango is suitable for all for all time. Nutrient contents of green mango give many health solutions as outlined below:

Many qualities of Green Mango

Green mango contains high level of vitamin A which is helpful to stabilize eye health. The vitamin C content of mango produces immunity against infectious diseases. Besides this vitamin C helps to stabilize teeth, hair and nails. Green mango has the ability to fight against stroke and brain complications. The copper content of green mango stimulates blood formation in the body.  The dietary fiber of green mango prevents stomach and colon cancer. Pregnant women can eat green mango to increase the immune capacity of the baby in the womb. Green mango aids in reducing fat and weight. Green mango aids in rapid healing of wounds after surgical operation. The rich potassium content of green mango can influence the control of heart beat and blood pressure. Green mango increases the supply of oxygen in the brain and keeps the body refreshed. Green mango does not contain   any fat or cholesterol.  So there is no fear to increase weight or diabetes after eating green mango.


There are  precautions that the individuals with high blood pressure, heart  diseases or diabetes  should not use salt or sugar with  green mango because salt stimulate blood pressure and sugar stimulate to increase  blood sugar. It is also better to avoid eating mango at night to avoid acidity or gas.


Nevertheless, many qualities of green mango can be a great source to refresh and stabilize our health and mind. Green mango and health are closely associated.

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