Do you know about the amazing qualities of tamarind to stabilize human health?

Amazing qualities of tamarind have manifold impact on human health. Tamarind is very useful against many diseases including heart disease. Tamarind contains adequate proportion of vitamin B, C and calcium. Besides, tamarind contains minerals like potassium, manganese and sodium. Tamarind aids in maintaining skin, hair, teeth and bone health. Tamarind has the ability to act against night blindness and eye infections.

Nutritional value of tamarind

The antimicrobial property of tamarind helps to improve the body immune capacity.

The high proportion of vitamin C content of tamarind accelerates the healing process of wounds.

  • Tamarind reduces the blood cholesterol.
  • Tamarind helps to reduce body fat.
  • Tamarind has the ability to reduce vomiting during pregnancy.
  • The adequate anti-oxidant content of tamarind can fight against cancer.


Many qualities of tamarind has made it a very useful and health friendly  food item . Amazing qualities of tamarind can promote and stabilize fresh and good health all the time.

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