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Tips to reduce back pain and stabilize your health

What is backache? According to Specialists, bad habits or wrong habits appear to be the main causes of back pain or backache in over 90% cases. In most cases, the additional and unequal pressure on backbone gives rise to backache. Tips to avoid backache Specialists have suggested a few tips to reduce back pain or […]

Hook worms and children –some misconceptions?

The are many misconceptions about hookworms and children as follows: Better to remain some hook worms in abdomen? Many common people believe that it is better to remain some hookworms in the abdomen of children. They believe that the digestion of food will be hampered If there is no hookworm in the abdomen. What is […]

Tips for managing sore throat and stabilizing health and comfort.

What is sore throat? The aggregate affects of excessive heat, excessive sweating, drinking of too cold water, taking showers again and again with cold water may lead to develop heavy cold situation your body suddenly. These results in sore-throat cough and fever. Respiratory track is attacked with burning sensation. Sometimes, this condition leads to inflation […]

Medicines can increases the risk for your health-do you believe it?

There is a general tendency among many individuals to take medicines without any consultation with physicians. The whimsical intake of medicine is very risky and causes manifold complications. Use of Painkiller? Paracetamol is well known to most people as a pain killers. This medicine is used whimsically and abruptly in cold and fever and headache […]

Many misconceptions about high blood pressure are alarming for health and safety?

There are many questions and misconceptions about high blood pressure or hypertension. These misconceptions about high blood pressure appear to be alarming to human health and safety. A few of the misconceptions are outlined below: Systolic or Diastolic-which one is more important? This is a general concept among many common people that high diastolic pressure […]