Many misconceptions about high blood pressure are alarming for health and safety?

There are many questions and misconceptions about high blood pressure or hypertension. These misconceptions about high blood pressure appear to be alarming to human health and safety. A few of the misconceptions are outlined below:

Systolic or Diastolic-which one is more important?

This is a general concept among many common people that high diastolic pressure is more harmful than that of systolic pressure. Specialists opine that both systolic and diastolic pressure are equally important and at the same time may become threats for health in case of any abnormality of either systolic or diastolic pressure.

Blood pressure is high but there is no associated symptoms?

There may be high blood pressure but without any associated symptoms like headache, neck pain, head -swimming or any other relevant bad feelings. According to Specialists, the high blood pressure does not produce any symptoms; this high blood pressure can damage heart, kidney and eyes, silently. This high blood pressure appears to be the main cause of stroke and paralysis around the world.

Blood pressure increases with the Age?

The general misconception of most common people is that the blood pressure usually increases as the age increases so there is no need to take any medicine suddenly and also one cannot stop taking medicine once it is started. Specialists advise that the people should be more aware and conscious about blood pressure, blood sugar or blood fat as they get older overtime. The people may need to take certain medicine throughout their lifetime, if so needed, as advised by specialists.

Eggs and Milk in high blood pressure?

Most people think that the people with high blood pressure should not take any egg or milk. But Specialist advises that the people may eat white part of the eggs and non-fat milk daily.

Medicine for people with high blood pressure?

The same medicine may not be suitable and appropriate for everybody in order to control high blood pressure. The specific medicine for high blood pressure applicable to someone depends on the nature of his illness like diabetes, heart disease or any other health complications.


The above discussions highlighted a few misconceptions about high blood pressure. This suggests that the people should not neglect the high blood pressure in any context. They should be very careful and ready to deal with any case of high blood pressure and take suitable and appropriate steps including consulting relevant physicians in right time.

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Do you know about the amazing qualities of tamarind to stabilize human health?

Amazing qualities of tamarind have manifold impact on human health. Tamarind is very useful against many diseases including heart disease. Tamarind contains adequate proportion of vitamin B, C and calcium. Besides, tamarind contains minerals like potassium, manganese and sodium. Tamarind aids in maintaining skin, hair, teeth and bone health. Tamarind has the ability to act against night blindness and eye infections.

Nutritional value of tamarind

The antimicrobial property of tamarind helps to improve the body immune capacity.

The high proportion of vitamin C content of tamarind accelerates the healing process of wounds.

  • Tamarind reduces the blood cholesterol.
  • Tamarind helps to reduce body fat.
  • Tamarind has the ability to reduce vomiting during pregnancy.
  • The adequate anti-oxidant content of tamarind can fight against cancer.


Many qualities of tamarind has made it a very useful and health friendly  food item . Amazing qualities of tamarind can promote and stabilize fresh and good health all the time.

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Importance of beauty is beautiful for your beauty

What is beauty?

Beauty makes someone beautiful. Physical beauty always a concern and appears to be important everywhere-in the family, in the social networks, in the job markets, in the love markets and so on. Nevertheless, there is a significant as well as non-significant difference between person to person in terms of physical beauty. That means the standard of physical beauty is not alike for every person and differs accordingly.

The term beauty is extremely relative. This mainly refers to physical attractiveness of any person. There is no justification to say attractive or unattractive. The person who is not attractive to one may appear to be attractive to another man.

Importance of beauty

Nevertheless, the desire for beauty is the inherent quality of human being and it is getting stronger and stronger keeping patch with the dynamism of the modern societies vis-à-vis the globalization. The desire for physical beauty is so strong that everybody, no matter old or young wants to get and maintain good physical appearance.  This situation reminds us about the importance of beauty in everyday life.

All men and women –old or young , are concerned and attentive about beauty and want to achieve it in their day to day life. The reasons for attaching this importance to beauty by individuals include the following:

Beauty enhance good feelings and self confidence

This good feelings is very essential to stabilize and promote the moral and spirit. These good feelings can help to drive out the feeling of inferiority complex in terms of beauty of any individual.  A kind of feeling of pride exists.  This in turn enhances the self-confidence of individuals.

Beauty promote attention and attractiveness

 People like flowers because flowers are beautiful. Similarly the beautiful appearance is able to promote attention and attractiveness. It is natural that people are willing to interact and socialize with individuals with beautiful physical appearance. This situation gives a sense of pride and happiness to the individuals.

Beauty increases value in the job market

Beauty has the ability to attract good attention of the employers. The business company or other organizations prefer individuals with beautiful physical appearances. The value of individuals with beautiful physical appearance is always better as compared to those who do not have the attractive and beautiful physical appearance.

Beauty enhances the image of the country

The globalization has increased the international cooperation and businesses across the globe. The activities of multi-national companies have also increased manifolds. The exchanges and visits are more frequent. The host countries become more attracted and attentive to the visiting representatives or individuals with beautiful physical appearances. This  enhances the image of the country significantly.


Looking for beauty or we can say running after beauty is the natural phenomenon and is in built in human conscience. Experiences indicate that the importance of beauty as well as the desire and ways to formulate beauty especially the physical beauty will tend to enhance further along with the dynamics of science and technologies over time.  So take care of your beauty and keep yourself happy and satisfied.

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Importance of fashion in day to day life

What is fashion?

Fashion has multidimensional characteristics and it is much  complex nature. At first instance fashion refers to apparel items, footwear, jewellery, accessories and the like. But modern fashion also include the way we dress, the way we talk, the technology we use, food we eat, the  friends we have, type of socialization we practice and son and so forth.

Importance of fashion is getting enhanced day by day following the trends of globalization and emerging science and technology overtime.

The importance of fashion

Importance of fashion is getting enhanced day by day following the trends of globalization and emerging science and technology overtime.  The nature and dimensions of fashion  are also changing overtime keeping in patch with the changing needs and aspirations of the individuals and the societies.

Beauty tips for beautiful women

What is women beauty?

Beauty is a universal and natural phenomenon. Beauty is a concern for everybody especially for women.
Women can make their physical appearance more beautiful and attractive through practice of different ways for doing so. Research findings indicates that all most all women are willing to practice any beauty tips if it is found to make them look better.

Tips for women beauty

The women can make their hair shiny and lucrative by rising hair with eggs. Drinking of plenty of water and milk can keep them refreshed and stable. There are many tips like these in order to keep women stable, fresh and beautiful.