Green mango can give you many health solutions.

Green mango is suitable for all for all time. Nutrient contents of green mango give many health solutions as outlined below:

Many qualities of Green Mango

Green mango contains high level of vitamin A which is helpful to stabilize eye health. The vitamin C content of mango produces immunity against infectious diseases. Besides this vitamin C helps to stabilize teeth, hair and nails. Green mango has the ability to fight against stroke and brain complications. The copper content of green mango stimulates blood formation in the body.  The dietary fiber of green mango prevents stomach and colon cancer. Pregnant women can eat green mango to increase the immune capacity of the baby in the womb. Green mango aids in reducing fat and weight. Green mango aids in rapid healing of wounds after surgical operation. The rich potassium content of green mango can influence the control of heart beat and blood pressure. Green mango increases the supply of oxygen in the brain and keeps the body refreshed. Green mango does not contain   any fat or cholesterol.  So there is no fear to increase weight or diabetes after eating green mango.


There are  precautions that the individuals with high blood pressure, heart  diseases or diabetes  should not use salt or sugar with  green mango because salt stimulate blood pressure and sugar stimulate to increase  blood sugar. It is also better to avoid eating mango at night to avoid acidity or gas.


Nevertheless, many qualities of green mango can be a great source to refresh and stabilize our health and mind. Green mango and health are closely associated.

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Do you care for your Eyes?

Eyes are vital organs of human body. When eyes are lost the world is lost-the world is all dark . Nevertheless, how much care we take about our eyes-it is a question for everybody?  Experiences indicate that most people do not take adequate and necessary care to preserve and stabilize the eye health in question. Experts suggest that taking regular and suitable care for eyes  can help to prevent many serious eye diseases.. Naturally the eyesight starts to deteriorate along with the age of a person.

Reading books, writing for a long time, or working on computers for a long time, etc. put tremendous  pressure on eyes. This situation suggests that  20 seconds rest is necessary for eyes after each 20 minutes of  working with eyes.It is better to keep the screen of the computer white or green. Specialists also advise that the eyes should be closed and opened after every 30 minutes of working with the computer in a air-conditioned rooms. This helps to remove the dryness of the eyes.

Some regular exercises could be practiced to keep the eyesight healthy and stable.

The eyes may be closed for five minutes using both hands and at the same time breathing slowly slowly. This will help  improve blood circulation in the eyes as well as the eyes will get rest as well.

Another exercise may also be practiced for eyes. The eyeball should be  moved slowly clockwise for 10 seconds and anti clockwise for another 10 seconds. This will help to keep eyes fresh and will also strengthen the eye muscles.

Sleeping for around eight hours daily is extremely necessary for complete rest for eyes as well as for regaining its vitality strength. Inadequate sleeping may impair the eyesight also.

The foregoing discussions amply suggests that  eyes are highly indispensable and important vital organs for human body and  that everybody should take due care for eyes to keep eyes healthy and stable.

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People do not understand the value of teeth when there are teeth?

There is a general saying that “People do not understand the value of teeth when there are teeth”. The common attitude and behavioral pattern of most people regarding the care of teeth tend to confirm the above saying. Consequently, they impair their teeth health or even lose their teeth.
Specialists have suggested a few important steps to follow in order to protect and preserve teeth health as follows:
Do not brush teeth for a long time
Most people brush their teeth taking a long time and putting heavy pressure on teeth. This causes damage to the teeth enamel as well as tend to dislocate the teeth from original position. The ideal method is to brush the teeth up and down slowly for 3-5 minutes.
Certain foods are harmful for teeth health
Orange and pine apple juices, alcohol, soda, chocolate, processed fruit juices, etc. contain acid. This damages the teeth enamel. Use of straw can be useful to some extent. It is better to brush the teeth after taking this food items, if any.
Teeth whitening is harmful for teeth health
The color of teeth gets changed from white as the people get older overtime. Bleaching of teeth to make teeth white attract acid contamination.
Avoid hot and cold food item at a time
Very hot food items (soup, pizza, etc) or cold water or any drink when taken at a time or simultaneously may cause significant damage to teeth enamel.
Use suitable toothpaste
It is better to use toothpaste containing mild fluoride. Only teeth whitening toothpaste can damage teeth health.
Use dental floss as necessary
It is always better to use dental floss to remove food particles from within the teeth cavity side by side with brushing of teeth 3-5 times a day.
Seek regular advice for treatment of teeth
It is better and advisable to go for dental and oral check up at least once in a year.
The foregoing discussions amply justifies that suitable and appropriate steps are sine qua non for management of teeth health vis-à-vis understanding the “Value of teeth when there are teeth”.

Food tips of Water melon adding to health tips.

Food tips concerning water melon appear to be remarkable as well as useful.  About 92% water content of water melon can easily meet the thirst of thirsty. Amino acid contents of water melon help to stabilize the normal functions of blood. The adequate amount of vitamin A vis-à-vis beta carotene keeps up the eye health. Vitamin B contents of water melon aids to produce body energy and assist to stabilize the normal bodily functions and also keep up normal body temperature in hot weather. Water melon is able to protect from dehydration when caused by abnormal sweating during in hot weather.  The potassium contents of water melon help to control high blood pressure. The risk of formation of stones in kidney is also reduced by eating watermelon.  The anti-oxidant contents of water melon are very useful for health. This anti-oxidant increases the immunity against sickness. Besides, water melon reduces the risks of prostate cancer and colon cancer.
The above food tips of water melon indicate about many qualities of water melon and food value of water melon. The associated health tips also suggest that there is no risk to get over weight or fatty even after eating adequate quantity of watermelon as watermelon contains adequate amount of water but less calorie.

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Cancer and Risk Factors

It is very important and urgent that the people know and understand about cancer and the various risk factors of cancer. Experiences and research findings indicate about such risk factors of cancer as stated below:

Old age:

Old age over 65 years appears to be the principal risk factor for cancer although people of all ages are vulnerable to this deadly disease.


Tobacco use is associated with the cause of death from cancer. A significant number of people die from cancer each year that is related to tobacco use.


Ionizing radiation such as radiation from outer space, radioactive fallout (accidents at nuclear power plants or production, testing or use of atomic weapons), radon gas (radioactive gas formed in soil and rocks), x-rays and the like can cause cell damage that leads to cancer.  People exposed to radioactive fallout are most vulnerable to the risk of cancer, especially leukemia and cancers of the thyroid, breast, lung, and stomach. People who work in mines may be exposed to random to increase the risk of lung cancer.


Ultraviolet (UV) radiation comes from the sun and other sources causes’ early aging of the skin and skin damage that can lead to skin cancer.

Chemicals and other substances:

People involving certain jobs like painters, construction workers, or people who are working in chemical or gas industry are exposed to the risk of getting cancer.

Viruses and bacteria:

The risk of developing cancer increases when infected with certain viruses or bacteria. Specific virus or bacteria produce risks for specific type of cancers. The various types of cancers associated with virus and bacteria include cervical cancer, liver cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, stomach cancer, etc.


Researches indicate that menopausal hormones may increase the risk of breast cancer, heart attack, stroke, or blood clots.

Poor diet, lack of physical activity, or being overweight:

Factors like poor diet, lack of enough physical activity or overweight increase the risks of cancer of colon, uterus, prostate, breast, esophagus and kidney.


The taking of alcohol in overdose continuously for many years may increase the risk of getting cancers of mouth, throat, esophagus, larynx, liver and breast

Family history:

There is a risk that the cancer is passed from parent to child. The new born carries the cancer cells at birth.


The above description gives a salient feature of various risk factors of cancer. It is generally intended that everybody concerned should become aware and knowledgeable about cancer and various risk factors of cancer which is a serious threat to human health and safety globally; and take appropriate steps for prevention of cancer as well as treatment of cancer, as and when necessary.

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