Whimsical and abrupt intake of medicines increases the risk for your health.

There is a general tendency among many individuals to take medicines without any consultation with physicians. The whimsical intake of medicine is very risky and causes manifold complications.

Use of Painkiller?

Paracetamol is well known to most people as a pain killers. This medicine is used whimsically and abruptly in cold and fever and headache or any pain condition. There is normally no side effects are found in it. But excessive doses of paracetamol can cause dysfunction of livers. This paracetamol can be seriously threatening to the people who are suffering from any kidney diseases. Many other pain killers are taken by the people. The people who are suffering from arthritis are found to continue with the pain killers which are very risky for health. Pain killer may cause stomach ulcer associated with bleeding as well. The pain killer is considered as a major factor for kidney worldwide Read more »

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