Pregnancy –common problems and complications

Pregnancy is associated with various problems. Various problems during pregnancy especially mental and bodily changes and reactions are noticed in women during pregnancy.  According to Specialist a few common problems of pregnancy which are noticed during pregnancy are as follows:

Vomiting sickness: This situation is indicated by the symptoms like feeling of vomiting, actual vomiting, swimming of head, etc., especially in the morning immediately after leaving bed. This vomiting tendency results from increase in the level of certain hormones in the blood during pregnancy.  This kind of sickness appears during first and second month and   more in the case of first pregnancy. These symptoms normally fade away after three months of pregnancy. Around 25% of pregnant women may not have these kinds of symptoms at all.  Too much food at a time as well as oily foods should be avoided. Dry food like toast biscuits, protein rich food should be taken in a little quantity from time to time. The food which stimulates vomiting when seen or eaten should be avoided. Medicines can be used after consultation with physicians.

Brinjal has many qualities useful for human health

Many qualities of brinjal found to be useful for human health. It is a good vegetable and at the same time has the capacity to prevent diseases. According to expert opinions brinjal contains the following health qualities:

The nutrient contents of brinjal help to control the level of glucose in blood. Brinjal accelerate the absorption of glucose and aids in controlling diabetes. Brinjal helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in blood. It aids in controlling blood pressure. Regular diet with brinjal supports to avoid the incidence of high blood pressure and stabilize the heart function. Brinjal has the capacity to remove excess minerals from the body and thus helps to avoid many unwanted diseases which might have caused due to accumulation of excess minerals in the body. Brinjal contains adequate proportion of vitamin C which acts to prevent against diseases.  Brinjal helps to improve the outlook of skin condition. It prevents developing bold lines on skin. Besides brinjal stabilize skin moisture. Brinjal contains anti-aging element which is reported to stabilize the quality of bodily appearance in course of aging process.

The above discussion tells about many useful and impressive qualities of brinjal which are useful for human health. Nevertheless, it is better to avoid eating brinjal by the people having allergic sensitivity.

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Walking regularly and staying healthy and alive

Regular physical activity including walking is an essential part to maintain good and sound health. Physical inactivity tends to increase the risk of non-communicable diseases and affect general health. An estimate indicates that physical inactivity is the main cause for approximately 21-25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes, and 30% of ischemic heart disease.  The estimate also shows that the physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality and causes 6% of all deaths.  The risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and breast and colon cancers can be reduced by regular physical activity.  The regular physical activity vis-à-vis walking thus can keep you healthy and save your life. Expert opinion suggests that adults should do at least 150 minutes per week of physical activity of moderate intensity such as walking, cycling, or sports. 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity activity per day for children and adolescents are suggested as well.

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Heart Attack-how the risk is minimized?

Healthy heart is for sound and normal life. Heart attack can take away your life without giving any warning. About twenty million people die each year from heart attack around the globe. About 40% of people die from heart attack before they could avail any medical support in the hospital. This situation suggests that adequate preventive measures should be taken to avert the risk of heart attack.

The factors affecting heart attack or the factors having manifold affects on increasing the risk for heart attack include the following:

  • History of heart disease of any member of the family.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure.
  • Excessive smoking or drinking of alcohol.
  • Overweight or obesity and  idle life style.
  • Intake of excessive salt.
  • Tension and stress.
  • Unhygienic food habit

The awareness about the heart attack and a disciplined and regulated life style can reduce the risk of heart attack significantly.

The diabetes should be kept under control. High level of sugar in blood brings negative change in blood vessels which accelerate the process of heart attack.High blood pressure should be kept under control. Blood pressure should be monitored regularly. Change the life style. Take prescribed medicine regularly.Shun the use of smoking, tobacco chewing and other tobacco related products.Blood arteries and veins face various problems as a result of toxic reactions of tobacco products.Control excess weight. The heart need to labor harder for this overweight.There is no alternative to physical exercise. Walk regularly. Build up habit for physical labor.Avoid salt with food.Take food with less carbohydrate and cholesterol.Select vegetables, fruits and food with adequate fiber contents.Avoid  anger, excessive fear and mental pressure.

The above analysis suggests that the risk of heart attack could be minimized and prevented significantly by following necessary prescriptions and controlled and regulated lifestyle overtime.

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What should be the Body weight loss strategy?

What should be the weight loss strategy?It is a common perception that carbohydrate in food has been responsible for weight gain and accumulation of carbohydrate and fat in blood.  It is generally encouraged to take less carbohydrate. It appears that weight loss is possible through reduction of carbohydrate and increase of protein in food list. This helps to become slim and attractive –and this kind of diet is liked by those who are concerned.

There is a contrary view regarding the above proposition as indicated by a group of Researchers of a University.  The intake of less carbohydrate and more protein may lead to reduction of weight quickly but its long term impact may not be  favorable,  as indicated by the said Researchers. This may lead to reduced longevity.  According to the findings of the study it has been suggested that a balanced diet should contain adequate quantity of carbohydrate -60%, 70% or 75% ,  protein-5%, 10% or 15% and the fat  content must be below 20%. Besides, the food should contain adequate quantity of vegetables and fruits.

This research group also is not in favor of reducing the daily calorie intake in food list. Rather reduction of calorie requirement of a person based on his age and work nature may have long term bad impact on his health.  That means the right strategy for losing weight should be through intake of right proportion of calorie and appropriate physical exercise, as suggested by the said Research group.

The contrary views as expressed  in the above discussion regarding the relationship between diet and weight loss appears to be interesting and also needs to be further explored. Also necessary instructions and advice from appropriate physicians for specific cases in respect of weight loss should be useful as well.

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