Drinking Water-how many glasses you need to drink daily?

It is a general saying that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to remain quite healthy. But it seems to be only a myth. There is no scientific basis for this proposition. According to scientists the daily water requirement for an adult male is 2.6 liters and for an adult woman is 2.1 liters. But these full requirements are not covered only from drinking water. Besides normal drinking water, the water content in the food items and the water produced in course of metabolic functions inside the body, together meet this water requirement for a human body. Tea, coffee, milk, curd and fruits contain adequate proportion of water. Moreover, the protein, fat and carbohydrate as taken with daily intake of food produce about 250 mls. of water in course of metabolic functions of body. It appears to be adequate to drink about 6 glasses of water in normal days. But this requirement appears to increase in case of hard work, while sweating, or hot weather condition. Desire for drinking water and color of urine are two dependable indicators to determine this level of thirstiness.
Nevertheless, it is very important as well as a necessary condition to take care of drinking water as necessary in right quantity and right time daily in order to keep health and mind sound and steady.

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