Bottle Gourd-a health friendly vegetable food stabilizing health

Bottle Gourd is found to be a health friendly vegetable food. This can be used as cooked food or as juice, as necessary. The food is very light on stomach and it also aids in quick digestion. The nutrient contents of bottle gourd appear to have multiple useful effects on human health. The nutrients contents of bottle gourd include vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C, folic acid, and fatty acid. 100 gm. of bottle gourd contains water 96.10 gm, fiber 0.6 gm, protein 0.2 gm, fat 0.1 gm, carbohydrate 2.5 gm, and energy 12 kcalorie.  The low calorie content bottle gourd indicates that there is little chance to gain weight and become fatty by eating bottle gourd. But the people who are vulnerable to cold or allergic to cold should avoid eating bottle gourd.

Bottle gourd is useful to stabilize health. Bottle gourd is able to preserve and stabilize body moisture content, when eating bottle gourd regularly. The adequate water content of bottle gourd helps to maintain the body water balance. It is also effective against the loss of water caused due to attack of diarrhea. Bottle gourd supports to improve the kidney functions. It is also helpful to prevent urinary infection. Bottle gourd is an ideal vegetable for those who are suffering from diseases associated with high blood pressure. The vegetable aids in controlling body temperature. Bottle gourd is very useful for those who are suffering from sleep disorder.

The above description about the many properties of bottle gourd indicates the usefulness of gourd as a suitable and effective food item especially for those who are on a low calorie diet, suffering from stomach and digestive problems, urinary track problems and the like.

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