Pregnancy –common problems and complications

Pregnancy is associated with various problems. Various problems during pregnancy especially mental and bodily changes and reactions are noticed in women during pregnancy.  According to Specialist a few common problems of pregnancy which are noticed during pregnancy are as follows:

Vomiting sickness: This situation is indicated by the symptoms like feeling of vomiting, actual vomiting, swimming of head, etc., especially in the morning immediately after leaving bed. This vomiting tendency results from increase in the level of certain hormones in the blood during pregnancy.  This kind of sickness appears during first and second month and   more in the case of first pregnancy. These symptoms normally fade away after three months of pregnancy. Around 25% of pregnant women may not have these kinds of symptoms at all.  Too much food at a time as well as oily foods should be avoided. Dry food like toast biscuits, protein rich food should be taken in a little quantity from time to time. The food which stimulates vomiting when seen or eaten should be avoided. Medicines can be used after consultation with physicians.

Accumulation of water in feet: Accumulation of water in feet (swelling feet) is almost a common case during pregnancy. Additional salt with food should be avoided.  The pillows can be used beneath the feet during rest and sleep. The physicians should be consulted quickly in case of over swelling of feet, dizziness, headache or high blood pressure.

Back Pain: Around 50% women are attacked with back pain during pregnancy. This is caused due to increased body weight, and expansion of bone joints. Lying or seating appropriately, using hard bed, back messaging or warm press on back or taking of medicines as per consultation with physicians when the pain is severe;  may be followed as and when necessary, to address back pain.

More frequent urination: More frequent urination problem is found during 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. This happens as a result of pressure on urinary bladder. The physicians should be consulted in case there is any urinary discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen.

Hard abdomen: The abdomen gets harder off and on as a result of contraction of muscles. The physicians should be consulted if there is any pain and if the intensity of pain increases gradually. The   constipation or any kind of urinary infection, if exist, should be addressed by appropriate medical treatment.

The above discussions amply justify that the persons concerned especially spouses must understand the various problems of pregnancy and various complications during pregnancy and take appropriate steps accordingly.

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