Tumour in Liver causing health hazards

Tumour in liver is called liver abscess. Liver abscess is developed by a kind of bacteria in any location of liver through accumulation of pus inside it. The main causes of tumour in liver are bacteria or parasite.

Kinds of Tumour in Liver

Tumour in liver are of two kinds- one caused by parasites called as amoebic abscess and another is caused by bacteria and called as phylogenic abscess.  The parasite enters the body with contaminated water and food. Mostly this kind of infection cause mild diarrhea or blood dysentery But often this parasite reaches the liver through blood circulation and form a kind of nests in the liver; and produce black or brown pus. In case of bacterial abscess, the bacteria pass through blood vessels and take refuse in any cyst or tumour of liver.

Symptoms of tumour in Liver

The principal  symptoms of tumour in liver is manifested through fever, especially fever with jerking loss of appetite, loss of weight and mild pain in the upper and right abdomen. Sometimes kind of round shape is sensed in the right side of abdomen and it is felt painful when touching. Sometimes this is associated with the symptoms of jaundice or diarrhea.

 Treatment for Tumour in liver

The physician should be consulted as and when necessary. Ultra sonogram and blood tests are done to diagnose the problem. City Scan is also done as and when necessary. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the pus from the tumour with surgical operation.

Nevertheless, the problem of tumour in liver should not be neglected in any case.

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Compiled by Dr. Sadat Ibne Maleque and Dr. Ishrat Zahan Sumi

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