Do you care for your Eyes?

Eyes are vital organs of human body. When eyes are lost the world is lost-the world is all dark . Nevertheless, how much care we take about our eyes-it is a question for everybody?  Experiences indicate that most people do not take adequate and necessary care to preserve and stabilize the eye health in question. Experts suggest that taking regular and suitable care for eyes  can help to prevent many serious eye diseases.. Naturally the eyesight starts to deteriorate along with the age of a person.

Reading books, writing for a long time, or working on computers for a long time, etc. put tremendous  pressure on eyes. This situation suggests that  20 seconds rest is necessary for eyes after each 20 minutes of  working with eyes.It is better to keep the screen of the computer white or green. Specialists also advise that the eyes should be closed and opened after every 30 minutes of working with the computer in a air-conditioned rooms. This helps to remove the dryness of the eyes.

Some regular exercises could be practiced to keep the eyesight healthy and stable.

The eyes may be closed for five minutes using both hands and at the same time breathing slowly slowly. This will help  improve blood circulation in the eyes as well as the eyes will get rest as well.

Another exercise may also be practiced for eyes. The eyeball should be  moved slowly clockwise for 10 seconds and anti clockwise for another 10 seconds. This will help to keep eyes fresh and will also strengthen the eye muscles.

Sleeping for around eight hours daily is extremely necessary for complete rest for eyes as well as for regaining its vitality strength. Inadequate sleeping may impair the eyesight also.

The foregoing discussions amply suggests that  eyes are highly indispensable and important vital organs for human body and  that everybody should take due care for eyes to keep eyes healthy and stable.

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