Tips for managing sore throat and stabilizing health and comfort.

What is sore throat?

The aggregate affects of excessive heat, excessive sweating, drinking of too cold water, taking showers again and again with cold water may lead to develop heavy cold situation your body suddenly. These results in sore-throat cough and fever. Respiratory track is attacked with burning sensation. Sometimes, this condition leads to inflation of tonsil or other related organs. In many cases, vocal cords are also affected leading to sore throat and distorted sound
Specialists have suggested a few tips for managing the sore throat as follows:

Gargle with worm water

Worm water mixed with salt helps to reduce pain and burning sensation. Gargling 2-3 times a day with worm water mixed with proportionate amount of salt can give excellent result in this situation of sore throat.

Enough liquid food

Sneezing, coughing and similar factors may cause dehydration of the body. This condition suggests to take adequate quantity of liquid food and water. The use of cold water should be avoided in anyway. The worm and steaming soup is gives excellent result in this case.

Lozenge to reduce burning sensation

Some categories of lozenge containing menthol, eucalyptus, phenol, etc. have the ability to reduce the burning or pain . These lozenge bring a comfortable feeling to the affected throat.

Some cups of tea

Tea for 2-3 times a day can bring comfort for this sore throat problem. Green tea is very suitable in this case. Tea will more effective if lemon juice, etc., are added to it.

Rest and recreation

Rest and recreation is a necessary condition for this problem of sore throat in order to recover from this problem quickly. Speaking should be stopped or minimized in case the voice is distorted.

Treatment of sore throat

Paracetamol or similar medicines are recommended by physicians mainly for this type of complications. Antibiotic may be necessary in some cases as well. The relevant and suitable physicians must be consulted in right time, as necessary.


The above discussion gives an indicative picture of sore throat and its management. This also suggests that suitable and appropriate steps must be taken for treatment of sore throat and  to manage sore throat in order to stabilize and secure health and comfort.

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