Hook worms and children –some misconceptions?

The are many misconceptions about hookworms and children as follows:

Better to remain some hook worms in abdomen?

Many common people believe that it is better to remain some hookworms in the abdomen of children. They believe that the digestion of food will be hampered If there is no hookworm in the abdomen. What is the real position? Hookworm is the enemy for our body. Hookworm sucks nutrition-blood from the body.

Hook worm is borne out of sweets and sugar?

There is a common belief that hookworms are born if sweets and sugar are taken excessively. But this belief is is not at all correct. Hookworm is a kind of parasite which enters the body through food, water and penetrating through the foo-base. Unhygienic conditions, contaminated food and water create the favorable condition for hookworm infection. Excessive use of sweets or sugar do not have any relationship with hookworm infection.

Hook worm dies when something eaten with bitter taste?

One belief among the common people is that the hookworm dies when water or any any food item is eaten which has bitter taste. But the specialists have found no evidence in favor of this conception.
Medicines for hookworms should be taken in cold weather or winter?
Many common people also believe that the medicines meant for controlling hookworms should be taken only in winter or during rainy season-not in too hot or summer season. There is no basis for this conception. Actually, the medicines for controlling hookworms can be taken any time- winter or summer.


The misconceptions about hookworms especially in case of hook worms and children are really indicative and interesting too. This implies that suitable and appropriate steps should be taken to control and manage the hookworm problems especially for children, if necessary, with the consultation with the relevant physicians.

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