Calcium Tablet or Calcium Rich Food – your Choice?

There is a marked tendency to use calcium tablets especially by the women as they get older day by day. It also appears that excessive use of calcium may lead to formation of stones in kidney. Besides, this may be a cause for constipation and loss of appetite as well. This suggests that calcium rich food should get preference to calcium tablets to meet the requirements of vitamin D side by side calcium in human body. On the other hand, those who are suffering from calcium deficiency due to old age or other reasons , they can use calcium tablet along with vitamin D side by side calcium rich food, preferablybased on the instructions of physicians.The milk and dairy food are the best sources of calcium. Grains, fish and other related food items also contain significant proportion of calcium. Now justifiably, calcium tablet or calcium rich food remains to be a concern.

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Harmful effect of vitamins-Excessive intake of Vitamins big Threat to human health?

Vitamins are generally considered to be essential elements for human health.

About 82% of old age men and women in the world take different types of vitamin supplement or tablets.

But excessive intake of vitamins of high doses appears to be a potential threat for human health. These harmful effects of vitamins are also likely to manifest in case a high doses of vitamins are taken without any reason and for a longer period of time.

Old age and food choices-a prime concern for health conscious community.

The demand for daily intake of calorie is declined as the people grow older day by day. The declining level of physical activity is a main factor behind this less calorie demand in old age. But the need for essential vitamins and minerals still persist. Besides, the loss of appetite or the reactions associated with intake of various medicines cause weakness, fatigue, tiredness, etc. Research indicates that the aged persons eat 40% less food as compared to their original requirements. Justifiably the aged people over 60 years of age deserve attention of all concerned about the old age food.

Tea has multiple Characteristic Features impacting human health

Tea has become a popular and attractive drink around the globe.  The various characteristic features of tea and the properties of tea are described below. It is expected that the information contained in this post will be useful and interesting especially for the people who love to drink tea.

1. Use of milk in tea: Use of milk in tea does not affect the positive anti-oxidant actions of tea in the body function of human being. Various research findings indicate that milk when added to tea (up to 25%) does not have any impact on the influence of anti-oxidant contents present in the body but their impact is delayed.  The addition of milk to tea does not impact on the absorption of antioxidants but it increases the calorie content of tea as a result it can affect the tooth health.

2.    5 cup of tea a day: This is a concern for many people. An analysis indicated that taking 3 or more cup of tea a day is useful for heart function. After all, up to 8 cup of tea fall under the “limit of caffeine” taking.