Attack Diabetic Risk with Sour Curd?

Attack diabetic risk with sour curd. It is very important that people who suffer from diabetes should select their foods very carefully. The diabetic patients need to follow a systematic diabetic diet plan to manage the problem as well as reduce the risk and complications overtime.

The diabetic risk appears to be reduced by about 25% when milk or dairy products are eaten daily. Milk is important for diabetic patients. Milk and diabetes are related. But the condition is that the milk or dairy products so eaten should be free from fat or fatty substance. Daily food habit with low-fat cheese or curd has been found to impact positively on diabetic risk. Research findings suggest that the diabetic risk is reduced by at least 24% for those who take at least 125 grams of fat-less curd, as compared to others. Curd and diabetes are closely related in this respect. The specific vitamin content of milk keeps the metabolic organs active and functional; vitamin K and vitamin D contents of milk keep the metabolic functions stable and running. Consequently, the Researchers suggest eating some fat-less curd or cheese daily after regular food or with breakfast.

Nevertheless the people who suffer from diabetes need to be in touch with concerned physicians on regular basis in order to stay stable and healthy overtime.

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