Child Care is First

Child is the future leader of any nation.  Child care and child development is included in the prime targets of all developed and developing countries around the world.  “Reduce child mortality” is the millennium development goal.

Justifiably “Child care is  first” option for anyone in the family, especially the parents.  The children face many health hazards during infant age, especially those who are under 5 years of age. The children are normally vulnerable to various seasonal diseases. The children may be attacked with diseases like cold and cough to pneumonia, light respiratory obstruction to bronchitis, etc. anytime and suddenly. So the physicians must be consulted as quickly as possible in case of any symptoms like fever, rash on the body or deep chest in case of coughing.

Sometimes there is much sweating on the body. At the same time there is incidence and development of sweating related problems like ischidrosis. This sweating should be brushed with thin cotton cloth.  The child should be put on washing each day to prevent sweating and ischdrosis. Powder should be used after each bathing or showering of child. Powder may be used after washing hands and feet and before putting the child for sleeping. Care should be taken for child food as well. The child should be given Vitamin C rich food. The food should include oranges, green coconut, green coconut water and other fiber content food. The child will be protected from dehydration if given fruit juice, vegetable soup and adequate quantity of water. The natural food of children should contain adequate quantity of juice. The amount of spices should be reduced comparitably.

The children may be attacked with fever, respiratory obstruction, diarrhea, measles, allergic  problems along with cold and cough. Cold and cough arise out of sweating. Sometimes dry cough develops. The child should not come in touch or in contact with patients suffering from cold and cough.

Child should take bath in warm water at least once a day or child feet should be washed regularly.  The direct air from fan should be avoided. The light warm water with salt, honey has been found useful to be given to child for drinking. Sometimes diarrhea may a become serious problem for children. Saline should be given to drink in case of attack with diarrhea. . Under any circumstances, if any problem turns to be serious, physicians should be consulted in no time. Child and the “Child care is first”.

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