Many misconceptions about high blood pressure are alarming for health and safety?

There are many questions and misconceptions about high blood pressure or hypertension. These misconceptions about high blood pressure appear to be alarming to human health and safety. A few of the misconceptions are outlined below:

Systolic or Diastolic-which one is more important?

This is a general concept among many common people that high diastolic pressure is more harmful than that of systolic pressure. Specialists opine that both systolic and diastolic pressure are equally important and at the same time may become threats for health in case of any abnormality of either systolic or diastolic pressure.

Blood pressure is high but there is no associated symptoms?

There may be high blood pressure but without any associated symptoms like headache, neck pain, head -swimming or any other relevant bad feelings. According to Specialists, the high blood pressure does not produce any symptoms; this high blood pressure can damage heart, kidney and eyes, silently. This high blood pressure appears to be the main cause of stroke and paralysis around the world.

Blood pressure increases with the Age?

The general misconception of most common people is that the blood pressure usually increases as the age increases so there is no need to take any medicine suddenly and also one cannot stop taking medicine once it is started. Specialists advise that the people should be more aware and conscious about blood pressure, blood sugar or blood fat as they get older overtime. The people may need to take certain medicine throughout their lifetime, if so needed, as advised by specialists.

Eggs and Milk in high blood pressure?

Most people think that the people with high blood pressure should not take any egg or milk. But Specialist advises that the people may eat white part of the eggs and non-fat milk daily.

Medicine for people with high blood pressure?

The same medicine may not be suitable and appropriate for everybody in order to control high blood pressure. The specific medicine for high blood pressure applicable to someone depends on the nature of his illness like diabetes, heart disease or any other health complications.


The above discussions highlighted a few misconceptions about high blood pressure. This suggests that the people should not neglect the high blood pressure in any context. They should be very careful and ready to deal with any case of high blood pressure and take suitable and appropriate steps including consulting relevant physicians in right time.

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