When Lifesaving Drug can become threat?

The use of life-saving drugs should be a concern for everybody. Steroids are often used to treat patients suffering from allergy, rash, asthma, etc. Besides steroids are also used as life saving drugs in case of sudden faint or low blood pressure. Various growth stimulating medicines, pain killers, found in the market also contain these steroid elements.

There are varieties of steroid tablets available in the markets.  There are also cream-ointment, injections, spray and inhalers as available in the market.  Physicians prescribe these medicines for various specific problems. But these many diseae-relieving and life saving medicines are not totally free from any side effects. It is often found that in absence of correct and regular advice, the steroid users are faced with various complications.

The excessive use of steroids, misuse or long term use of these steroid medicines may produce different complications.

Increase in body weight, high blood pressure or irregular blood pressure, increase in blood sugar.Accumulation of fat in mouth, throat, neck, chest-abdomen.Stunting of muscles in hand and foot and weakness of muscles.Further deteriorate the condition of glocuma and cataract.Cause depression, and frequent mental imbalance.Reduction of body immune capacity leading to frequent attack with diseases.Delay in healing from excision.Reduction of density of bone marrow and cause osteoporosis.Complication of menstruation of females, increase of unwanted hair in mouth or body.Increase hair fall, thin skin, cut mark in the abdomen and increase of acne.

Most important is that, the capacity to normal secretion of steroid hormone is restricted due to intake of steroid medicine. The patients become steroid dependent.  The situation is created for sudden faint due to vomiting, pain in the abdomen, variation of salt in blood, low blood pressure, in case of sudden stopping of medicine or incase the patients forget to take medicine.

Some advice before taking steroid medicine:

The steroids given against sudden respiratory problems, pain or allergic condition is meant for temporary use and not for long term use. The physicians must be consulted to know right dose and duration for use.

The physicians must be consulted in order to reduce the side-effects of longer term use of steroids in case of arthritis or complications of immunity problems. For example: the use of medicine to reduce wear and tear of bone beyond three months , frequent testing and using of medicine in case of blood pressure and blood sugar, etc.

The intake of steroid medicines as necessary should be reduced gradually and step by step as per instruction of concerned physicians. The intake of such medicines should not be stopped abruptly in any case.

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