Allergy –How Disturbing and Embarrassing?

Allergy is a health related problem and is most disturbing and embarrassing as well. Allergic condition may give rise to sneezing, coughing, respiratory obstruction, rash on skins or even serious side-effects due to food or medicines. The patients may faint even.

Allergic conditions

Sudden sneezing and respiratory obstruction during cleaning of dust on the floor; breathing problems  due to pollens entering the nose when walking  through the park or gardens; itching or red rash-swelling of skin after eating beef, prawn, hilsha  fish, milk, etc. Many other related symptoms are associated with allergic conditions.

Why allergy happens

This allergic situation is predominant in children who did not drink milk of mother after birth. Adequate quantity of chemical elements like histamine, serotonin, etc., start to be secreted from special cells of blood when coming in touch with allergy sensitive elements. These elements spread rapidly throughout and produce various symptoms-like cough and sneezing, itching, obstructed breathing, etc. Allergy sometimes may happen to reduce blood pressure causing another serious problem.

Treatment of Allergy

Keep away from materials producing allergic conditions. Various medicines are  used to reduce the intensity of allergic condition; even it may be necessary to use injections in emergency cases. Besides there are vaccines and immunotherapy to treat allergic condition.  In fact there is no specific and permanent treatment for allergy. Allergy can be suppressed for some days with specific medicines but it relapses again when such treatment is stopped.

The allergic sensitive asthma allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis are also different manifestations of allergic conditions.

The above discussions reminds us about  many disturbing and embarrassing and even complicated health problems of allergy vis-à-vis  allergic condition. This suggests that this particular health problem should not be neglected in any case in order to manage healthy life overtime.

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