Food tips of Water melon adding to health tips.

Food tips concerning water melon appear to be remarkable as well as useful.  About 92% water content of water melon can easily meet the thirst of thirsty. Amino acid contents of water melon help to stabilize the normal functions of blood. The adequate amount of vitamin A vis-à-vis beta carotene keeps up the eye health. Vitamin B contents of water melon aids to produce body energy and assist to stabilize the normal bodily functions and also keep up normal body temperature in hot weather. Water melon is able to protect from dehydration when caused by abnormal sweating during in hot weather.  The potassium contents of water melon help to control high blood pressure. The risk of formation of stones in kidney is also reduced by eating watermelon.  The anti-oxidant contents of water melon are very useful for health. This anti-oxidant increases the immunity against sickness. Besides, water melon reduces the risks of prostate cancer and colon cancer.
The above food tips of water melon indicate about many qualities of water melon and food value of water melon. The associated health tips also suggest that there is no risk to get over weight or fatty even after eating adequate quantity of watermelon as watermelon contains adequate amount of water but less calorie.

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