People do not understand the value of teeth when there are teeth?

There is a general saying that “People do not understand the value of teeth when there are teeth”. The common attitude and behavioral pattern of most people regarding the care of teeth tend to confirm the above saying. Consequently, they impair their teeth health or even lose their teeth.
Specialists have suggested a few important steps to follow in order to protect and preserve teeth health as follows:
Do not brush teeth for a long time
Most people brush their teeth taking a long time and putting heavy pressure on teeth. This causes damage to the teeth enamel as well as tend to dislocate the teeth from original position. The ideal method is to brush the teeth up and down slowly for 3-5 minutes.
Certain foods are harmful for teeth health
Orange and pine apple juices, alcohol, soda, chocolate, processed fruit juices, etc. contain acid. This damages the teeth enamel. Use of straw can be useful to some extent. It is better to brush the teeth after taking this food items, if any.
Teeth whitening is harmful for teeth health
The color of teeth gets changed from white as the people get older overtime. Bleaching of teeth to make teeth white attract acid contamination.
Avoid hot and cold food item at a time
Very hot food items (soup, pizza, etc) or cold water or any drink when taken at a time or simultaneously may cause significant damage to teeth enamel.
Use suitable toothpaste
It is better to use toothpaste containing mild fluoride. Only teeth whitening toothpaste can damage teeth health.
Use dental floss as necessary
It is always better to use dental floss to remove food particles from within the teeth cavity side by side with brushing of teeth 3-5 times a day.
Seek regular advice for treatment of teeth
It is better and advisable to go for dental and oral check up at least once in a year.
The foregoing discussions amply justifies that suitable and appropriate steps are sine qua non for management of teeth health vis-à-vis understanding the “Value of teeth when there are teeth”.

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