Tips to reduce back pain and stabilize your health

What is backache?

According to Specialists, bad habits or wrong habits appear to be the main causes of back pain or backache in over 90% cases. In most cases, the additional and unequal pressure on backbone gives rise to backache.

Tips to avoid backache

Specialists have suggested a few tips to reduce back pain or  backache as follows:

Sleep on hard and flat bed. Avoid sleeping on foam-bed and sofa.

Do not bend to lift anything from the floor.  Sit on the floor first and then lift anything straight upward.

Keep neck and back straight when seated on the chair.

Do not keep standing or seating for a long time.

Do not keep bending when working.

Do not carry heavy materials like heavy sacks, pitchers or water buckets, etc.

Do not cut fish, vegetables or the like seating on the floor or small stool, etc. This jobs can be done while standing or by using table.

Keep the backbone straight when climbing or stepping down the stairs slowly and slowly.

Avoid using high heel shoes.

Lose weight.

Bend sideway when rising up from sleep.


Backache or back pain is a health problem which makes the life very difficult and uncomfortable. This problem may become unbearing as well as life threatening overtime. Suitable and relevant physicians must be consulted in order to manage this kind of backache or back pain.

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