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Brinjal has many qualities useful for human health

Many qualities of brinjal found to be useful for human health. It is a good vegetable and at the same time has the capacity to prevent diseases. According to expert opinions brinjal contains the following health qualities: The nutrient contents of brinjal help to control the level of glucose in blood. Brinjal accelerate the absorption […]

Bottle Gourd-a health friendly vegetable food stabilizing health

Bottle Gourd is found to be a health friendly vegetable food. This can be used as cooked food or as juice, as necessary. The food is very light on stomach and it also aids in quick digestion. The nutrient contents of bottle gourd appear to have multiple useful effects on human health. The nutrients contents […]

Milk is the King of Foods?

Milk is the king of foods-there should not be any hesitation about this proposition. The significant level of nutritional content of milk has made milk the king of foods. Milk is considered as the best ingredient for preserving the human health. The lactose content of milk aids in body formation and growth as well as […]

Radish fights your health problems with its amazing qualities.

Radish is a popular vegetable. It is tasty as well as full of quality nutrients. Radish can be used as vegetables as well as it can be cooked with other food items. The quality characteristics of radish fighting against different human health problems are given below: Prevention of Jaundice: The powerful nutrient contents of radish […]

Many qualities of Bean impacting on human health

Bean appears to be a universally popular vegetable. Especially beans can be used with fish. There are other uses of beans as well as found suitable. The nutrient contents of bean include adequate proportion of protein, fiber, vitamin-C, Zinc and minerals.  These are considered as essential elements for human body.  Bean is known for its […]