What should be the Body weight loss strategy?

What should be the weight loss strategy?It is a common perception that carbohydrate in food has been responsible for weight gain and accumulation of carbohydrate and fat in blood.  It is generally encouraged to take less carbohydrate. It appears that weight loss is possible through reduction of carbohydrate and increase of protein in food list. This helps to become slim and attractive –and this kind of diet is liked by those who are concerned.

There is a contrary view regarding the above proposition as indicated by a group of Researchers of a University.  The intake of less carbohydrate and more protein may lead to reduction of weight quickly but its long term impact may not be  favorable,  as indicated by the said Researchers. This may lead to reduced longevity.  According to the findings of the study it has been suggested that a balanced diet should contain adequate quantity of carbohydrate -60%, 70% or 75% ,  protein-5%, 10% or 15% and the fat  content must be below 20%. Besides, the food should contain adequate quantity of vegetables and fruits.

This research group also is not in favor of reducing the daily calorie intake in food list. Rather reduction of calorie requirement of a person based on his age and work nature may have long term bad impact on his health.  That means the right strategy for losing weight should be through intake of right proportion of calorie and appropriate physical exercise, as suggested by the said Research group.

The contrary views as expressed  in the above discussion regarding the relationship between diet and weight loss appears to be interesting and also needs to be further explored. Also necessary instructions and advice from appropriate physicians for specific cases in respect of weight loss should be useful as well.

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