Raisin is a potential source of energy for health

Raisin is considered as a potential source of energy or calorie for health. This is a food considered to aid in weight gain and energy gain as well as to aid in digestion. Raisin is such a food that absorbs water or any liquid substance and gets swelled. These particular characteristics of raisin aids in treating indigestion and constipation. Every 100 gm. raisin contains about 3.7 gm insoluble fibers that can influence remove constipation and indigestion. Raisin also contains adequate glucose and fructose. Every 100 gm. raisin contains about 250 calorie. The iron content found in 100 gm. raisin can meet 23% of daily requirement of a person.  This suggests that raisin is useful for patients suffering from anemia as well as during pregnancy.  Raisin also contains anti-oxidants which help to prevent cancer. The composition of raisin include Carbohydrate 26% ,  fibers 15%, , protein 6%, fat 01%, potassium 21%, and iron 10%.  Besides, there are vitamin B complex and copper in it. Raisin is useful to supply energy and to gain weight rapidly after prolonged illness. Raisin has become useful and effective for nutrient and vitamin contents of raisin.

All these above properties of raisin have made raisin a useful and impressive food to aid stabilizing sound health.

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