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Harmful effect of vitamins-Excessive intake of Vitamins big Threat to human health?

Vitamins are generally considered to be essential elements for human health. About 82% of old age men and women in the world take different types of vitamin supplement or tablets. But excessive intake of vitamins of high doses appears to be a potential threat for human health. These harmful effects of vitamins are also likely […]

Old age and food choices-a prime concern for health conscious community.

The demand for daily intake of calorie is declined as the people grow older day by day. The declining level of physical activity is a main factor behind this less calorie demand in old age. But the need for essential vitamins and minerals still persist. Besides, the loss of appetite or the reactions associated with […]

Tea has multiple Characteristic Features impacting human health

Tea has become a popular and attractive drink around the globe.  The various characteristic features of tea and the properties of tea are described below. It is expected that the information contained in this post will be useful and interesting especially for the people who love to drink tea. 1. Use of milk in tea: Use […]