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What is sudden Tension and Stiffness in feet giving rise to serious physical discomfort?

What are the causes of tension   or stiffness in feet? The various causes for stiffness or tension in feet include excessive use of muscles; seating or lying for a longer period of time inappropriately; dehydration or loss of salt; pregnancy or cold weather. This also happens due to intake of certain medicines like diuretic, anti-psychotic, […]

Tumour in Liver causing health hazards

Tumour in liver is called liver abscess. Liver abscess is developed by a kind of bacteria in any location of liver through accumulation of pus inside it. The main causes of tumour in liver are bacteria or parasite. Kinds of Tumour in Liver Tumour in liver are of two kinds- one caused by parasites called as […]

Pregnancy –common problems and complications

Pregnancy is associated with various problems. Various problems during pregnancy especially mental and bodily changes and reactions are noticed in women during pregnancy.  According to Specialist a few common problems of pregnancy which are noticed during pregnancy are as follows: Vomiting sickness: This situation is indicated by the symptoms like feeling of vomiting, actual vomiting, […]

Walking regularly and staying healthy and alive

Regular physical activity including walking is an essential part to maintain good and sound health. Physical inactivity tends to increase the risk of non-communicable diseases and affect general health. An estimate indicates that physical inactivity is the main cause for approximately 21-25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes, and 30% of ischemic heart […]

Heart Attack-how the risk is minimized?

Healthy heart is for sound and normal life. Heart attack can take away your life without giving any warning. About twenty million people die each year from heart attack around the globe. About 40% of people die from heart attack before they could avail any medical support in the hospital. This situation suggests that adequate […]