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Drinking Water-how many glasses you need to drink daily?

It is a general saying that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to remain quite healthy. But it seems to be only a myth. There is no scientific basis for this proposition. According to scientists the daily water requirement for an adult male is 2.6 liters and for an adult […]

Tomato has characteristic properties to impact on health

What is the impact of tomato on health? Tomato appears to be a universally accepted prime fruit-vegetable. Tomato is a source of various essential vitamins like vitamin A, Vitamin B (niacin), vitamin C, and vitamin K. Tomato also contains a fair amount of fiber, lycopene and folic acid; and is able to impact on human […]

Attack Diabetic Risk with Sour Curd?

Attack diabetic risk with sour curd. It is very important that people who suffer from diabetes should select their foods very carefully. The diabetic patients need to follow a systematic diabetic diet plan to manage the problem as well as reduce the risk and complications overtime. The diabetic risk appears to be reduced by about […]

What is Gall Stone-a health hazard?

What is gall stone? Gall bladder stones may take different forms depending on various elements of its composition. The gall bladder stones are formed through composition of cholesterol, bilrubin or calcium, etc., and remains mixed with bile. The color of gall bladder stones may vary from light black, dirty white or deep black, etc. Gall […]

Calcium Tablet or Calcium Rich Food – your Choice?

There is a marked tendency to use calcium tablets especially by the women as they get older day by day. It also appears that excessive use of calcium may lead to formation of stones in kidney. Besides, this may be a cause for constipation and loss of appetite as well. This suggests that calcium rich […]