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What should be the Body weight loss strategy?

What should be the weight loss strategy?It is a common perception that carbohydrate in food has been responsible for weight gain and accumulation of carbohydrate and fat in blood.  It is generally encouraged to take less carbohydrate. It appears that weight loss is possible through reduction of carbohydrate and increase of protein in food list. […]

Allergy –How Disturbing and Embarrassing?

Allergy is a health related problem and is most disturbing and embarrassing as well. Allergic condition may give rise to sneezing, coughing, respiratory obstruction, rash on skins or even serious side-effects due to food or medicines. The patients may faint even. Allergic conditions Sudden sneezing and respiratory obstruction during cleaning of dust on the floor; […]

When Lifesaving Drug can become threat?

The use of life-saving drugs should be a concern for everybody. Steroids are often used to treat patients suffering from allergy, rash, asthma, etc. Besides steroids are also used as life saving drugs in case of sudden faint or low blood pressure. Various growth stimulating medicines, pain killers, found in the market also contain these […]

Health and Honey –Effects are many and immemorial

The health effects of honey have been recognized from the time immemorial. Nutritional and medicinal qualities of honey are many. Honey is non-toxic and has powerful anti-bacterial properties. Honey contains sugars (glucose and fructose); minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride, sculpture , iron and phosphate; and vitamins of various kinds. The anti-oxidants contents of honey […]

Excess Body Weight triggers multiple health hazards

Obesity or excess body weight appears to be a threat to human health for various reasons. Excess body weight means accumulation of excess fat in the body resulting in heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. A short account of excess body weight and health risks or various health hazards associated with excess body […]