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Do you care for your Eyes?

Eyes are vital organs of human body. When eyes are lost the world is lost-the world is all dark . Nevertheless, how much care we take about our eyes-it is a question for everybody?  Experiences indicate that most people do not take adequate and necessary care to preserve and stabilize the eye health in question. […]

People do not understand the value of teeth when there are teeth?

There is a general saying that “People do not understand the value of teeth when there are teeth”. The common attitude and behavioral pattern of most people regarding the care of teeth tend to confirm the above saying. Consequently, they impair their teeth health or even lose their teeth. Specialists have suggested a few important […]

Cancer and Risk Factors

It is very important and urgent that the people know and understand about cancer and the various risk factors of cancer. Experiences and research findings indicate about such risk factors of cancer as stated below: Old age: Old age over 65 years appears to be the principal risk factor for cancer although people of all […]

Diabetes and Risk Factors

What is the nature of association between diabetes and risk factors? The condition of diabetes is characterized by the inability of the body either to make or to use insulin-a hormone having the ability to facilitate absorption of glucose in the body. When the production of insulin is stopped or obstructed the blood sugar level […]

Child Care is First

Child is the future leader of any nation.  Child care and child development is included in the prime targets of all developed and developing countries around the world.  “Reduce child mortality” is the millennium development goal. Justifiably “Child care is  first” option for anyone in the family, especially the parents.  The children face many health […]